Our vision is to revolutionize freight transport across Europe while improving the quality of life for truck drivers and reducing the burden on freight forwarders. We believe that transports can be made more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly by swapping truck trailers along routes between different carriers. Our unique IT solution makes it possible to turn this vision into reality.


MANSIO was founded with the clear objective of transforming the logistics industry by introducing innovative solutions that improve the efficiency, sustainability and overall quality of freight transportation. Our company originated in Aachen, Germany and we currently operate in the German market. Our long-term vision is to become a pan-European leader in the logistics industry and expand our reach across Europe. We want to revolutionize the way goods are transported by making it cheaper, faster, safer and more environmentally friendly. At MANSIO, we believe in improving the lives of truck drivers while reshaping the future of transportation.

Core team

“For centuries, short transport durations were achieved in the European postal system by changing horses. MANSIO now brings this stagecoach principle into the 21st century: in this transport system, the trailer is handed over from forwarder to forwarder along a transport route. This makes transports more cost-effective, faster and more environmentally friendly.”

“Digitization is a decisive competitive factor in the transportation industry. If freight forwarders want to remain independent and efficient, they need the right tools. MANSIO fits into existing IT landscapes and supports forwarders in the simple and transparent handling of encounter traffic.”

“Relay transports are cost-efficient and attractive for truck drivers. They are therefore widespread among logistics groups with numerous branches. Until now, however, it has been difficult for medium-sized freight forwarders to carry out such transports. With MANSIO, freight forwarders work together and jointly benefit from the advantages.”

Establishment of MANSIO

MANSIO was founded by Dr. Maik Schürmeyer, who brings with him a wealth of experience in both logistics and engineering. After studying mechanical engineering and business administration, he initially worked as a logistics consultant before taking over the management of logistics at an international industrial company. In 2017, he accepted a professorship for logistics at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Mönchengladbach. At MANSIO, Dr. Schürmeyer as the CEO responsible for administration, finance, investor relations and corporate development.

Florian Wehling, our CTO, holds a master’s degree in computer science from RWTH Aachen University. He has worked in three startup companies with innovative technologies and business models. Mr. Wehling is responsible for technical innovation, IT architecture and leads our development team.

Julian Blasig, our COO, brings extensive experience in logistics to the team. He is responsible for our sales activities and operational business. Mr. Blasig coordinates all customer-facing processes, from sales to customer success.

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