Challenges of the transport industry

Freight forwarders are currently confronted with major challenges: small margins, pressure from customers and international competitors, changes in the political framework, an overloaded transport infrastructure, cost increases and a shortage of drivers are just a few examples of the tense situation for transport companies.

If a freight forwarder wants to continue to operate profitably in the future and retain his independence, he must break new ground. He has to use his innovative power to enter new business models and to use new technologies in the field of IT and vehicles profitably.

The MANSIO transport system gives freight forwarders the opportunity to increase their profitability, retain their independence, improve working conditions for driving personnel and, in perspective, also make an active contribution to environmental protection.

The MANSIO solution
Use Cases

The MANSIO transport system enables inter-company relay transports. The use of the system is manifold: our applications range from spontaneous relay transports in an open system to closed-shop applications in a fixed network. We organize both single-stage relay transports and multi-stage relay transports on international corridors.

Success Story: the Cross Load Network

Strong partners, strong solution: The ELVIS Cross Load Network powered by MANSIO

The Cross Load Network is a full truck load (FTL) network based on relay traffic. It is currently being created in cooperation between MANSIO GmbH and ELVIS AG.

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